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Angel Investors grant the ships that make the explorations possible, but only after they are convinced that it was possible and that it was worth doing. Angel Investors basically say Yes to a dreamer, grant him his wish. Angel Investors do not weigh much or at all. And then they endure their decision for a very long time. Such are our Angel Investors. Every country needs many more of them. Angel investors are the ones that have always made the biggest things possible. The stories are everywhere.

Our Angel Investors are eminent people from our society, people who were extraordinarily successful in their own lives and who have come to help us. Some of them have declined to be named on this website.

Our company needs more investments today, to build products for more languages, to refine the insights we have in this direction of statistical prediction to greater sophistication, to build the technologies for every other digital platform and finally for its marketing and evangelization.