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Luna Ergonomics looks towards you to include new members into its team.

We would like to attract the creative and the hardworking to help us build the newer generations of our products or help us in other ways. Products those are even harder to build. It could be programming, it could be sales, it could be many other things. You would like it here if you have been passionate about building little new things by yourself in your past. And you would also need an attitude which could be considered quite demanding but is often their own intrinsic nature in many people. We play quite hard here. Do you like constant challenges? You would be expected to take on many different functions that change constantly. You are expected to learn and relearn, become a master and move on to another thing perhaps next month. These are also called sacrifice sometimes.

If you are a fresher that is even better because most employees of our company have been fresher. But they are now experts.

Take some time to write a thought out email about your skills and passions and also about why you would like to join us and send it to