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Our Story

On 15 Aug 2012, Luna Ergonomics went into its 5th year of operations.

Luna Ergonomics Pvt Ltd is a startup that is located in the JSSATE STEP, a Dept of Science and Technology, Govt of India supported Technology Incubator in Noida. It was founded in 2008 by Major Abhijit Bhattacharjee, a Telecom Engr from the Signals with wide ranging software technology experience.

The company is focused into innovation, research and development of input technologies for Indian languages and then other languages of the world. The company has filed several patents worldwide.

The company had a modest beginning but in a matter of a year was well known for its technologies which were already being heralded as breakthroughs by wide ranging industry and media. For example, CleverTexting was on the cover of the Journal of Ergonomist Society, UK (estb 1949) within two months of the first products being released in the public domain. The critical need of this technology has been widely appreciated.

Ever since, the new technologies of input has been developed for a wide range and types of phones and devices in Indian and Global languages, now numbering 22 which includes Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Chinese and Korean. The products are being used by a large number of people worldwide and its growing rapidly to ever larger numbers.

Bringing about a change that effects devices in the largest sector of the economy is extremely challenging for many reasons. There is the challenge of diffusion of innovation but the company has done extremely well at it.

We were not the first company to build a way to type in Indian languages on the phone. There have been several companies and individuals before us who have offered usable products for the PC and the phone. Some of them used roman to Indic transliteration; others offered static keypads of many different layouts. Some have worked to build better fonts for Indian languages. Long ago, others fixed the Unicode support for all the Indian language scripts quite judiciously and correctly. The Panini Keypad is new only for its new efficient way to type.

In 2009, the company found some early stage investment by some distinguished philanthropes which made the success of the technology possible. The company prides in calling itself a Software Ashram. A 2008 article on this is here.