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Here we document all the names of people who were significant contributors in the development of these technologies described in the Founders own words. The list is really long and there will still be others who did very small stints in the company or helped from outside in hundred different ways.

To develop this technology for 22 languages of the world and then develop it for every kind of phone and devices, apart from so much else that we did on the promotion, marketing, business model and sales side was a prodigious amount of work for a start up. This was done by people, through spectacular individual work and spectacular team work.

With only a few exceptions, almost all the employees of this company have been fresher, people who were doing their very first job. This turned out to be an advantage because they could be molded to the highest standards of everything including productivity. It is astounding that this much work got done with so little resources that we had.

Ravindra Pal Singh Ravindra Pal Singh

Ravinder is the kind of developer that a founder needs to find in the earliest days to make the start up possible at all. He stayed with us for a very long time and to whom must be credited the early development of most of the early prototypes and also their full blown implementations that we did in various platforms down the line. He has been most productive and hardworking, enthusiastic and ingenuous in building on any innovation suggestion.

Shyam Kumar Shyam Kumar

Shyam's work was to assist me with the earliest statistical correlation work of corpora mining. With no tools at our disposal then, he had to do back breaking work in Excel and text tools and that work was so prone to errors that after three days of work if an error was spotted, the whole work had to be thrown away. That was the beginning, but in course of time, Shyam established himself to be an administrative pillar of the company and the CEO has depended on him in for a great deal of responsibilities in almost every area of the functioning of the company.

Sadhna Chaurasia Sadhna Chaurasia

When Sadhna joined, it was a good thing for the others because I stopped yelling. Sadhna's work was everything else. At first, her main work was collecting of corpora of the languages we were working with and then due to her artistic sensibleness and precise work, she was also being assigned all the designing work and many other things including testing. It was a team where everyone filled in whatever one could do best. The icons that she designed for our products have won praise.

Amit Dahod & Avneesh solanki Amit Dahod & Avneesh solanki

They are two interns who joined us from IMT Ghaziabad. We drove them hard to go and bring us feedback from the market on ways to monetize and other research and business planning. At first their task was to conceptualize the ideal website for us. Amit was resourceful and full of enthusiasm. Later Amit went on to write a paper on his experience here which was published as a Business Case in and he continues to help us by supplying Marathi translations.

Jan Krick Jan Krick

Jan Krick was our first international intern. He came from Germany and explained to us the German situation. We had built a product on our own in which we had ignored the accents and our corpora was bad. With Jan we built a good corpora and also learnt that for a product to succeed in Germany, it must support the accents because everyone uses them necessarily. This is good news because it means this technology would be useful for entire continental Europe because each of its languages use many additional accents that are threatened to be lost from these languages due to their lack of support in mobile devices today.

Saurabh Vikas Saurabh Vikas

Saurabh, a retired Major was to look after all the administrative aspects in the company which had grown quite diverse and distracting for the CEO who needed to focus on the core research and development work full time. The company was incorporated and that had its pesky liabilities like Accounts etc. We were doing exhibitions, we were doing some promotion and so on. Saurabh worked with us for a year during which he applied his heart and soul in earnestness. There is a video of him on the NDTV speaking on the product.

Aftab Gaur Aftab Gaur

Aftab was given to replicate features on our array of products. Every time we introduced a change or innovation it had to replicated in lots of products and this required work done with some meticulousness.

Li Chen Li Chen

Li Chen was an intern we had from Dalian, China. He remains a favorite of me due to his sincerity and hard work. He taught us about the Chinese language and that is what made it possible for us to innovate for the special nature of the Chinese language. In 2012, when we went for the Global Mobile Internet Conference at Beijing and had a stall there, Li Chen was there again to set up the stall and stand with me during the conference. A video of Li Chen explaining CleverTexting in Chinese.

Surjendu Kuila Surjendu Kuila

Surjendu joined our company leaving Rediff. He had worked with Infosys and others in US, including techno-commercial roles. Surjendu was taken in to be the senior Business Development man. He got familiar to this blue ocean business and worked hard and for a while I was convinced that I now have someone senior to stand in for me for every occassion. Surjendu was there to receive our Nasscom Innovation Honours at Mumbai. Photo, Video. Surjendu left to start his own entrepreneurship after a year and we wish him all the best.

Moushumi Gangopadhyay Moushumi Gangopadhyay

Moushumi who had a Phd was hired to look after our PR interests. She is an impressive person, 5,10 in height, articulate and that could help in getting our story into the media houses and she tried to do this with some success during her brief stay with us. We had already built the products, now it was for people to get to know about them. Advertising was expensive and wasn't the best way. The best way was media coverage. We had experimented with a PR company before we decided that this could be better done by ourselves by one of us.

Amit Jain Amit Jain

Amit was taken in to develop the iPhone family of products. His first job but he was familiar with the latest technologies and that helped in learning quickly how to develop for the iPhone environment. We had to buy a Mac for him. In a few months, we had our applications in the iTunes store for every language. And that was an important milestone achieved.

Mujtaba Rasool Mujtaba Rasool

Mujtaba was hired as a young hand to assist Surjendu in business development work. He was enthusiastic and hardworking and I could see him trying his initiatives and ideas for good of the company. Here is a video of him at our stall at the Convergence India exhibition.

Nitin Raj & Ashish Priyadarshi Nitin Raj & Ashish Priyadarshi

Surjendu, who was a alumni of the IIM, Calcutta went on to pitch in that campus about the unique experiences of working in this start up and Col Nitin Raj and Ashish Priyadarshi joined us as interns. They were both assigned to discover the viability of retail sales of this product during thier internship. Ashish later joined Lava and I am sure pitched in his bit for this technology.

Ruby Raj Verma Ruby Raj Verma

Ruby was the only developer we had so far who was not a fresher. Her responsibility was developing for the Windows platform which she did very well. The Windows phones however do not support Indian languages so she developed the global products including one for the Chinese. She also built a better tool for the mining work that we do. Her programming was flawless and a pleasure for me. She left when she was about to deliver her baby.

Sara Benabachir Sara Benabachir

Sara came from Morocco and she helped us with her suggestions on how an useful Arabic product could be made. We had made something in darkness and it turned out that the corpora we had used was inappropriate. With her help, we gathered better corpora and based on which some of the future products were made. She was also a very cheerful person who was freaking out in India having completely adopted the new culture and some Hindi.

Yoshi Yoshinari Kagami

Yoshi came from Japan to teach us about the Japanese language. We have not yet tried to build the Japanese product because it is so complicated based on three different script systems running at once - Hiragana, Katagana and Kanji and also Romaji thrown in and finally special to Japan - all the pictograms called Emojee. It was a complex challenge we will try only after we are good with Chinese. We have however filed our patent in Japan looking towards future use of this technology. Of all the languages, it will be the most beneficial technology for the Japanese situation because they have the most characters to deal with. Here is a picture of Yoshi.

Christiaan Wiebols Christiaan Wiebols

Christiaan Wiebols was a Columbian from Netherland. He knew Spanish, Dutch and others. He helped us refine the Spanish product telling us about the special nature of the language. We experimented with double character predictions with him because Dutch had double vowels. We made prototypes of Spanish with such features. Importantly, Christiaan Wiebols also wrote an excellent paper on the Green aspects of this technology which was submitted to ITU. Here is a picture of him at the Bangalore Exhibition stall.

Atheel Atheel Haddad

Atheel came from Jordan. His job was to promote the Arabic product and he was great at it, particularly over facebook. He was cheerful and also so funny. One day he threw a tantrum because he had spotted a mouse in the office. We had to calm him down. After going back Atheel has said some of the kindest things about his experience here. Atheel even tried to get TED Jordan to invite me for their event.

Pawan S Yadav Pawan S Yadav

Lt Col Pawan Yadav was the topper of my Engineering Degree Course in MCTE, Signals. He was also one of the upcoming officers in the Indian Army. After leaving the Army premature he was an award winning salesperson in Hughes before he worked for another startup trying to introduce its new antenna technologies. He joined us to help his friend and put in his best in working on some of the hot leads and bringing them closer to closure. He later joined a large company as its successful COO. I knew it was hard for us to sell an innovation. I am satisfied to note that it was hard even for someone like Pawan.

Hank Yu Hank Yu

Hank Yu was from Taiwan. He joined us at a stage when the Chinese prototype was ready for testing and validation. He again supported us with ideas and finally promotion related activities of it in the Chinese language and in Mainland China. He got his friends to try the product. There is a video of him explaining the product.

Mijin Lee Mijin Lee

Mijin Lee came from South Korea to tell us whether our Korean product which was already built by us in blindness could be useful. She tried to promote it in Korea and also left some important feedbacks about the nature of the Korean language which will allow us to build a better product for Korea in the future. Here is a picture of her at the India Digital Summit, 2011, New Delhi.

Rishi Khanna Rishi Khanna

Rishi Khanna, at 35 is the MD of C&S Electric, the giant Switchgear company based in New Delhi that has sales of over $200 Million. Rishi worked with me in understanding the space, analyzing it, spending hundreds of hours in looking at industry reports, competing products and other such. He connected us to companies and attended several of our sales meetings. He even made a trip to China for the 2nd Indo China Sourcing Fair at Shenzhen to understand the space of making phones better. He was instrumental in making the forward movement of building the hardware embedded phone possible. He remains a friend and a sounding board for the CEO.

Rahul Chauhan Rahul Chauhan

Rahul Chauhan is currently engaged with developing the Panini Keypads of newer versions in Android and Java. New features and conveniences requested by users get added all the time after internal discussions. He is also engaged with building the PC product. He also built reliable VAS productisations of this technology.

Kuldeep Chaudhry Kuldeep Chaudhary

Kuldeep Chaudhary is engaged with building the Panini Keypad for the embedded phones. Built for the ARM processor, this will allow the cheapest phones to support the Panini Keypad as the default editor, not as an App. The prototype of such a phone is already working and that will soon be launched as commercial phones.

Akhilesh Pratap Singh Akhilesh Pratap Singh

Akhilesh is assigned to work with the iPhone environment. He has been building the new version of the Chinese product for the iPhone which has just been released. There has been many a technical challenge in doing it.

Tanuj Agarwal Tanuj Agarwal

Tanuj is assigned with the development of a new look dynamic website with all the things that our website needs and we desired for the convenience of our users. In the past, we have outsourced our web development work but this time we are building this inhouse with every custom quirk we want. Tanuj has also built some very useful tools for us in the Android platform.

Tarun Khurana Tarun Khurana

Tarun is our IP Attorney from Khurana and Khurana IP Attorneys at Greater Noida. He is a BTech and an MBA from IIM and a Defense Officers son. At the very earliest stages of this company he studied our patent needs and filed fine patents which were also subsequently filed in USA, Europe, China, Japan, Korea and Israel. This firm which was started by he and his father is one of the upcoming IP firms in NCR.

Essenese Obhans Essenese Obhan

Essenese runs his own IP firm called Obhan and Associates, based out of Sainik Farms, New Delhi. Essenese is also an engineer and highly competent in the field of patents who represents India in many IP conferences worldwide. His firm is a well oiled machine with many capable subordinates. Essenese has filed the patents for our specific products for the Korean and Chinese languages and is available for any kind of advice on matters of IP etc. We are very happy that we have two very young and dynamic IP firms of NCR to protect our IP interests. I don't think we could have done better than this.

Abhijit Bhattacharjee, Founder and CEO
Abhijit Bhattacharjee, Founder and CEO

When a new start up begins with no idea of what it is going to do, or no idea of whether they will be successful at it and the founder runs the company from little money he withdraws from the ATM, the risk and uncertainty in every meaning of that word is the highest. In the earliest days, a military style of leadership was adopted. There was an underlying layer of love, trust and interdependence but there was also stressful expectations, both in terms of disciplinary sternness and productivity. That style has gradually changed as the technology became successful and well known, risks reduced and the leader too has had to evolve.

Panini Keypad