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Telecom Operators

When people will write in Indian languages on their phones, it will result in more SMS being sent by them. That was pretty simple.

How much more?

Well, if only 15% of the phone users in India know English, and they are amongst the only ones sending SMS today, you could hope it could be that much more, near term and long term.

The SMS is really very revenue efficient for the operator because it even costs Rs. 1 for only 140 byte of data transfer over the unused signaling channels. So you want to sell more of these. As many as you possibly can.

What else?

It will result in an explosion of variety of VAS products offered in regional languages and hence far more VAS consumption. That wishful future isn't so difficult to see as well.

But did you think regional language support can increase your Voice revenues. You probably didn't.

Well, it does. By maybe about 200% of what it is today. How?

90% of the phone users in India do not have an Address Book on their phones. One of the reasons is because they can't write the names of their contacts in English. So, no address book, results in no calls. Panini Keypad will allow your domestic help to store the names of all the people she knows on her phone. All of them have phones and these calls that don't result today will start occurring. That's how. The 200% was only an underestimation.

We have Panini Keypad productised as a VAS service that could be offered to the end users as a subscribed service. For say 30 days for Rs 10. The subscriber has a choice of 1 day, 7 days, 15 days and 30 days plans to choose from. The solutions have been fully implemented in all respects.

The presentation below called "20 Slides" is a must see for representatives of the Telecom Operators. It will make it clearer - with helpful pictures. Thank you.

20 slides from LunaErgonomics

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