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List of Conferences where we were Speaker

After the technologies were made, products were made, it was important to go out to the world and speak about it. We did this as boldly and charismatically as we could and our presentations were very popular with the audiences.

   India Digital Summit, New Delhi, Jan 2012

   Tiecon 2011, Silicon Valley, 2011

   World Telecommunication Development Conference By ITU, Hyderabad, June 2010 Mumbai, 2010

   VAS ASIA 2012, New Delhi

   IKMC 2011 Global Innovation Exchange, Hyderabad, Nov 2011

   Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain, 2011

   Presentation to Mr Thomas Friedman at NASSCOM Headquarters

   Presentation to US Visitors from White House, 2011

   TIE SME Conference, New Delhi, Jan 2011

   Presentation at the International Telecommunication Union HQs at Geneva, 2011.

   1st National Conference on M-Governance, 19 Aug 2010

   3G Summit, 2010, New Delhi

   Conference on the Mobile Web Initiative in India, 15 March 2012, New Delhi

   National Conference and Exhibition on Technology Solutions . March 2011, New Delhi

   ISBA Annual Conference, NID, Ahmedabad, 2011

   IIT Kanpur Techkriti, Jan 2012

   Equitable Communication for All, Assocham House, New Delhi, Mar 22, 2010

   Presentation to TRAI, New Delhi, 2009

   North East Information Technology Conference (NICT) held at Agartala, Sep 2010

   Microsoft BizSpark, Bangalore, 2011

   Presentations to TDIL (Technology Development for Indian Languages), DIT

   Red Herring Asia 100, Shanghai, 2010

   Power of Ideas, IIM, Ahmedabad, 2011

   Online Webinar, 2011

   Special Interest Group Seminar on Telecom, New Delhi. Sept 2011

   At IMT, Ghaziabad, 2010

   At Amity University, Noida, 2008

   Startup Saturday, New Delhi, 2009

   Mobile Monday, New Delhi, July 2009

   India Innovation Initiative, Nov 2011

   The Tie Summits that are held in New Delhi

   NASSCOM Product Conclave, 2009, Bangalore

   Tie Entrepreneurial Summit, Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi, Dec 2010

   Mobile Broadband - India Empowering the Mobile Ecosystem, 11 April 2011,Delhi

   Silicon India , Bangalore, 2009

   Silicon India Leadership Summit, New Delhi, Oct 13, 2011

   Standardisation Conference, CEWIT, Bangalore, 2009.

   Commonwealth Telecommunication Organisation Rambagh Palace, Jaipur ,2011

   Presentation to Indian Linux User Group, Delhi, Jun 2010, SIT, JNU

   Presentation at the Signals Training Centre, 2009, Goa.

   Presentation at National Brain Research Centre, 2012, Manesar.

   Presentation to Guruji or Shirali Math, Karnataka

   Presentation to Sara Lacy, Editor TechCrunch

   Presentation to Nandan Nilekani

   Presentation to FINNODE, Embassy of Finland in India

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