"The Panini Keypad is a software and a technology, which
             allows you to type in all Indian languages on mobiles and
             other digital devices faster and easier than
             you can in English."

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  "The mobile technologies of Luna Ergonomics were declared
  the most innovative globally in 2011 by the editors of
  RCR Wireless,USA". And has won many other awards.

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The Panini Keypad is a software you can download to your phone from this website by following all the instructions. You can then type in Indian languages, send SMS, store Address Book, post in Facebook etc.

You can download the Panini Keypad to your phone. Available for Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi for Java, Android, iPhones and Indian Brand Phones.

On the first screen are characters statistically most likely to start a word in that language and then ordered in Next Lists. When you indicate and type a character, it responds with what you are likely to type then and again ordered in Next Lists. Most often on your finger tips.

The Panini Keypad has won 20 prestigious awards in India and globally, for its social relevance, for the efforts and innovations involved in the technology development.