Frequently Asked Questions

1. Showing Blank or Boxes on my phone.

This happens only when the font of the language is not present on your phone. Next time buy a phone that has Indian language fonts. Check font on your phone.

2. Will it show on recievers phone? Does he need the Panini Keypad?

The messages sent from Panini Keypad are in Unicode which is a worldwide telecom standard. The messages will show in Indian scripts on all phones in India or the world and will travel unchanged across all types of networks, GSM, CDMA and others.
The Panini Keypad software is not required on the recievers phone.

3. How to write half characters?

Half characters, as you call are called Yuktakshars. To form a Yuktakshar, you have to put a halant (shown in red) between the two or more consonant characters. The same rule applies to all Indian languages. The Halant is automatically predicted most of the times.

4. What models of phones work?

Works on all Java, Android, iPhone phones. The phone should also have fonts. See list of compatible phones

5. Do we collect User information or privacy information?

No, we do not collect user information, but these warnings will show because the application types and sends messages on your behalf. We collect your email and phone with your permission after you use it for sometime and store it in our servers in case we need to get in touch with you.

6. Will it work on all types of phones?

Yes, Panini Keypad can work on all types of phones and tablets. The downloadable applications are for smart phones but the technology has also been developed for use in the lowest cost phones which will come in the market soon.

7. What to do after Expired message?

If the Panini Keypad trial period expires, you can either buy the product for Rs 150 only for lifetime, by following the instructions on
Or you can download again from website and continue using.

8. Is there a way to put a font on the phone.

For most phones there is no way to install a font, unlike a PC. In an Android phone, you can install a font by rooting the device which voids the warranty.

9. How to buy?

You can buy via Cheque, credit card, MO etc. The instructions are in It costs only Rs 150 for lifetime.

10. Want Panini Keypad for Oriya and Assamese.

The Panini Keypad has been made for Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam and Punjabi. It could not be made for Oriya and Assamese as yet due to lack of text corpus on the Internet. In the future, the Panini Keypad will be made for many more languages of the subcontinent including Nepali, Sinhala, Tibetan and Thai.

11. Can we use this to write in PC?

You can use our transliteration product on the PC which you can download from 12. Can't find app after download/installation?

Panini keyboard is an IME for android mobile phones. It's different from an app or software. After download this doesn't create any icon on your phone screen. But you can find in inside downloads section of your phone.
you can directly install Panini Keyboard from there then do some settings to launch it.
1. Download & install PaniniKeypad IME
2. Go to Settings-> Locale & text-> Select PaniniKeypad IME (Check on)
3. Back to text input area either Message, email, memo or search engine, long press that area Select Input method.
4. Select PaniniKeypad IME keyboard will appear on screen.
5. Start typing in Indian language anywhere on phone.

After follow the above procedure, you can easily launch Panini Keyboard and experience the fast & easy Indian regional language typing on phone.

13. How to write Purna Viram(|) using Panini Keypad ?

For writing Purna Viram(|) using Panini Keypad. You have to press "space" button twice.

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