For Nokia Java phones, also Symbian phones which also have Java

1. After download PaniniKeypad .jar file to your mobile,it will prompt you to install on phone. After installation this creates an icon in your installed foler or in Games/Application.

2.You can launch PaniniKeypad by double clicking on that icon. A start menu will appear, you can choose "likhe (लिखे)" for typing in Indian languages.

For Samsung Java phones, other Java phones from Indian manufacturers.

1. After download PaniniKeypad .jar file to your mobile, it will prompt you to install PaniniKeypad. After installation it will prompt you to launch.

2.After installation, Goto Application->Java, you will find a PaniniKeypad icon. By double clicking on this icon you can launch the program. A menu will appear you can select "likhe (लिखे)" to write in Indian languages.

3.Next time you want to launch PaniniKeypad, you need goto Application->Java.

Note:Language font must present in phone, other wise shows square boxes.

*if you have any technical issue in installation, start and how to type with PaniniKeypad visit FAQ section in

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