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How it Works

The Panini Keypad uses statistical predictive texting (CleverTexting) a patent pending path breaking invention by Luna Ergonomics - which allows one to type in all languages of the world on the existing phone without the need of printed characters on the keypad. Also, it is touted as the world's first ergonomic keypad because characters are automatically and accurately predicted and placed at positions most comfortable to the texting finger and the user only types through single key press (no Multitap).

This technology is dictionary-less and hence one can write non dictionary words with the same ease as a dictionary word.

Statistical prediction relies on mining large quantities of language text to develop combinatorial probabilities to form basis of predictions made by the system. This works extremely well for both dictionary and non dictionary words. And we have seen that languages from all linguistic families of the world display high correlation and that is what has been exploited here.