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The Panini Keypad Phone

As of July 2012, we are happy to announce the development of the Panini Keypad phone.

This is a low cost (non-smart) phone in which the Panini Keypad technology has been embedded in hardware and is the default editor. You can write everywhere on the phone in all Indian languages. Store Address Book, Send SMS, EMail, Facebook etc. The user can choose his language and start writing. It has been developed for both low cost touch screen phone and low cost button phone.

Panini Keypad Phone(Hindi) Panini Keypad Phone(Bangla)
Note: Look at the quality of the font rendering. This is available for both low cost touch screen phones and low cost keypad phones.

Click to see video.

This opens up the opportunity for the technology to reach the bottom of the pyramid afford-ably and in large numbers where it is really required.

The Panini Keypad phones have been developed in joint collaboration with Mediatek which is the largest manufacturer of chipsets in the world and the major supplier of chipsets that go into China imported phones sold by numerous Indian OEMs. The technology can be introduced seamlessly into all those phone by all the OEMs.

The phones are going into manufacturing in limited numbers at this stage and you can book your interest in buying these phones here.


Chipset: MT6252
Code base: MAUI.11B.W11.32.MP.V15

The implementations are about 150Kb.
Thinner implementations can be made.

Similarly, it can be embedded into all types of phones and devices of other chipsets. The above implementation was done for the ARM processor in C.