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How To Download

For Java phones

Please choose Free Downloads from the Menu above to download software for your type of phone.
The download pages will take you through a handholding process which will ensure that you learn how to download to PC, transfer to phone, install, run and learn how to type. These are explained in various steps as outlined here.

It is a 6 step process for java phones.

Step-1 Choose type of phone

You have to select your type of phone whether it is 3X4 simple keypad phone or it is a QWERTY keypad phone.

Step-2 Choose your language

In this step you will download the application. Panini Keypad is available is 9 Indian major languages you can download according to your requirement.

You have two options

A- You can download it to your PC and after that you will have to transfer the application file to your phone.

B- You can directly download application to your mobile phone. For this purpose you will have to provide your mobile number and application download link will be sent to your mobile phone. By clicking on this link application can be downloaded directly to your phone.

When you clicks on download link a window will open with a form with two fields Phone and Email. These are optional fields you can download the application without filling these details.

Step-3 Transfer application to your phone from PC

in this step you will learn how to transfer your application to your phone if you download the application to your PC.

You can do it in three ways
A-Using data cable
C-Memory card

Step-4 Install and run

In this step you will learn how to install and run the application after downloading or transferring the application to your phone.

Step-5 How to type

It is a extremely important step. In this step you will learn how to type on your phone using Panini Keypad. A detailed example is demonstrated in this step.

Click here see a video

And also you can also check availability of fonts on your phone by using our Check Font service. It is the last step now you are ready to use Panini Keypad on your phone.