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How to Type

For Android Phones


How many scripts are there in India.
India may have hundreds of languages but there are only 9 scripts in India. Each of these are Unicode supported and are ready for the phone. These scripts are Devanagari, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya and Punjabi. If these scripts are supported, all languages of India can be supported. For Urdu and similar scripts, the Arabic font needs to be on the phone and that is usually available on phones.

Do we collect user information from phone while using the Panini Keypad?
No, we do not collect user information of any type whatsoever.
When installing, the phone will show you standard warnings which are applicable to all applications that deal with typing or sending messages on your behalf. It might also say that it comes from an untrusted source.
The information we collect is your email and phone number with your permission after you have used the product for sometime. This is shown to you in a form to fill and it is optional to fill in. The information is sent to our servers and are used by us for trend analysis.
We do not offer this information to anyone or have never sent an email or a phone call to anyone. Occasionally a team member will make a call to a random number to ascertain your ease or difficulties in using the product.

Is Panini Keypad a special kind of a phone? Is it coming with a handset?
No, Panini Keypad is first also a software. It can be installed on any smart phone like Java supported phones, Android phones and iPhones. Windows phones do not as yet support Indian language fonts. But the Panini Keypad will be offered for those phones when they support fonts. We have developed for the Windows phone for languages like Chinese.
The Panini Keypad can also be embedded on a normal non-smart phone as a technology. We are in talks with phone handset companies to pre-embed the application on the phone as a default keypad for phones in India. Such a phone prototype has already been developed and this can be used by phone manufacturers to include support of Panini Keypad on all phones. So this will soon start coming with handsets which can be the lowest cost phones.

What if my phone does not have fonts?
All phones in India should have had Indian language fonts present on them but unfortunately that is not yet the case today. There are about 80% phones that support Hindi font, some 60 % phones that support 4 or 5 Indian language fonts and about 40% phones that already support the fonts of all 9 Indian scripts.
If your phone does not have fonts, the Indian language text will either show square boxes or blank. Unlike a PC where you can easily install a font, on a phone it is impossible to install a font by yourself. On an Android device however, you can install a font yourself only by rooting it and requires some expertise. And for all other phones, fonts can be installed with assistance of the manufacturer through a firmware upgrade. Firmware upgrade to include font support is common in countries like Thailand but is not yet offered in India. But this could be done.

What languages are supported in the Panini Keypad?
Panini Keypad supports typing in 12 Indian languages. These are Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya,Punjabi (Gurumukhi), Assamese, Urdu. The text corpus in large quantities is required to build the prediction models. In the future, Panini Keypad will be developed for all smaller languages in our country. The technology called CleverTexting for global languages has also been developed by us for 14 other international languages including Arabic and Chinese.

How do I know if I have a Java phone?
Your user manual may mention if your phone supports Java games etc. Normally a phone that supports a means to put files on it through USB or Bluetooth will support installation of Java files. Grey market Chinese phones have also started supporting Java.

Will Indian language SMS go through all operators?
Yes, Indian language messages sent by Panini Keypad are all Unicode messages which is a worldwide standard. It could be used on phones outside India and messages could be sent to phones outside India. Unicode Messages go through all operators and networks, GSM, CDMA or any other. It will show correctly if the font is present. Unicode is also used for all regional languages on the Internet, for websites for example.

Will it run on Symbian phones?
Yes. Symbian phones also support Java.

If I want to buy a phone to write in Indian languages, supporting Panini Keypad which phone should I buy?
Our recommendation would be the NOKIA mid segment phones, because they supports all Indian languages, has good font rendering engine. Like the 2700 Classic, 5130 Xpress Music, 2690, 3110, 2730, 5310, 6300, 6303, Nokia X2. These are all very common phones. The most inexpensive phone would be NOKIA 2700C, 2690. As of now, most Samsung phones have also started coming with Indian language fonts, check this before you buy.

What is SMS compression?
SMS compression is a new technology that allows you to pack in more text inside one SMS. Compression is specific to every language supported. We were doing 300% compression of Indian language SMS. This has been discontinued in our products for the moment (mid 2010) because of port conflicts on phones. But will be reintroduced again when the mobile ecosystem clears. The compression will be made even higher.

PaniniKeypad evaluation version expired?
Panini keypad is a free download software for typing in Indian languages. The version you will downloaded from Panini Keypad website is trail version. After a limited trail it will expired. To make it continue running on your phone. You need to buy a license from Panini Keypad website. This license will cost of Rs.150/- valid for lifetime.
For more details, visit Buy section:

How can I get the challenge no?
Challenge no. is a license key to register Panini Keypad software. Without challenge no. you can't register Panini Keyboard for lifetime.
One can get the challenge no. by purchasing it directly from Panini Keypad website.
There are four ways to make payment to website.
1. Through Credit card.
2. To transfer amount online to company account through internet banking.
3. To make payment through NEFT/RTGS in bank.
4. To send us a cheque/DD of mentioned amount to company address.

How to register PaniniKeypad mobile software?
You can only register Panini Keypad through a challenge no.. After purchase the challenge no. follow the steps to register Panini Keyboard software.

Open Panini Keypad software.
*Go to Registration->Open Enter Challenge no.-> Put the challenge no. in text box.
*Enter your name, age and sex. These are optional.
Click on register button.
*By clicking it, one SMS goes to our sever. Click ok.
*Then back to your main menu of Panini Keyboard.

Within few minutes, one reply SMS, comes to your phone from our server. This SMS having some details, copy the reply no. from it.

*Again Go to Registration->Open Enter Reply no.-> Put the Reply no. in text box.

Click on ok. "You may now send SMS!"

Your registration gets complete. Enjoy typing with Panini Keypad.


How is Panini Keypad installed on a phone if I am downloading the application from your website?
If it is Java enabled phone, you will download the jar file, create a folder called Panini on your phone, transfer it there and install it on your phone. Similarly, for Android phones it will be a apk file. iPhone software can only be downloaded from the iTunes store directly to the phone.

How do I transfer these two files to the phone?
You can transfer the files through any of the following means.
You can download the files from our website and then transfer to the phone using the USB cable.
You can also transfer the files from your computer to the phone via Bluetooth.
If you have neither a cable nor a Bluetooth, you can remove the memory card of your phone to write to it from your laptop's card slot, or you can use an external USB card reader.
You can directly download to your phone from the website if you have GPRS connectivity on your phone.
You can also transfer from phone to phone over Bluetooth. (Except from Nokia phones)
You can also transfer from phone to phone by removing your friend's memory card, transferring to your own phone memory and returning.

I have installed on my phone but it doesn't show which folder it was installed to.?
Sometimes people lose where the application was installed after they have done so.
Normally during installation, your phone will ask where to install it to. Usually it sits in the Applications or the Games folder of your phone. In N73 for example, the application would be installed in the "My Own" folder. Go to that folder and start the Panini Keypad application.

Do I install on Phone or Memory Card?
You can install on any. We recommend Memory Card because it has more capacity.

I can't transfer the application over Bluetooth from my NOKIA phone.
Only NOKIA phones have a feature called forward locking which does not allow you to send java applications from phone to phone over Bluetooth. But you can receive on your NOKIA phone. Other phones allow you to transfer java files.

Is there a limit to how many SMS can be stored in the Inbox?
No, there is no such limit. But if your application slows down when you are accessing the Sent items, you may need to delete some messages.

I have installed on my phone but it shows Application Error.
An application Error can come for various reasons. It could be because our application is not yet developed for your phone. Let us know about these errors if you see one.

Is it necessary that the mobile should have Hindi fonts?
Yes, if you are trying to see Hindi messages. Similarly, if you want to use it for some other language, say Malayalam, it should have Malayalam language fonts. The language may not be listed in your interface language choices of the phone, but the font could be present. The interface language option is only about supported languages for all the Phone menu commands in a particular language. The best way to test is if a received message in Indian language is displayed correctly.

Can you help us buy a suitable phone?
Yes, drop us an Email, till we offer specialized information on this on our website. If you are outside India and cannot buy a phone with Indian language fonts locally, we have in cases, bought a phone and couriered it across against advance payment.

If I put language fonts on my phone, will it work?
Yes, but unfortunately putting a language font on your phone is not an easy task unlike on a computer. You will have to talk to the manufacturer to help you with that. Sometimes it is impossible.

How to Type

What is the technology behind PaniniKeypad?
PaniniKeypad makes use of a new statistical predictive texting technology invented by Luna Ergonomics. It makes a prediction on what you are most likely to type next based on what you have typed just before.

Is there a facility to convert from English to Hindi?
No, you can convert from Hindi or any other language to Roman (English) script but not from English to Hindi.

I have sent message with Panini Keypad but it shows square boxes!
When you see square boxes on a phone you have to understand that the phone does not have the language fonts. Such a phone cannot display Indian language SMS. However, you will notice that the same square box SMS when forwarded to another phone that has the font will display correctly. Most popular models of phones in India have several Indian language fonts. We are trying to create awareness that we should buy phones that contain Indian language fonts. The most basic models in India generally have the Indian fonts. It's the higher end models that lack the Indian fonts in some cases.

Can I put a short cut to start the application quickly?
Yes, your phone may support shortcut keys to commonly used tasks. Go to settings, shortcuts and map the shortcut key to the particular Application.

What are the rules of typing?
Two very simple rules. If you see the character you are about to write on the screen, just press the corresponding key. Else press the Next List button. For touch screen phones just press the characters directly. Check video page for many demos.

How do I write yuktakshar (consonant Cluster)?
Use halant (colored in Red) to write yuktakshar. There are different color coding for consonants, independent vowels, and dependent vowels to help you spot the character and type fast.

What are the different ergonomic modes of Panini Keypad supported and which is the mode most suitable for a touch screen phone?
Ergonomic - The most likely next characters are arranged to positions easiest for the thumb, as in Right hand and left. For right handers, the characters keep coming on top left corner of the screen and hence you type in the top left key or around it most of the time.
Ergonomic and Persistent - Alphabets retain their positions between two state transitions. This reduces jitter and improves searchability of characters. This option is useful only for our international products like English.
Legacy Keypad - Heavy users of legacy keypad habitually look for keys there. In this implementation, alphabets are assigned legacy positions as best as possible. Alphabets that could not be assigned legacy positions are shown highlighted to improve searchability. This again is only applicable for English which has a legacy.
Nearest Key - The next likely characters crowd around the last place poked on the screen, most often there itself. This is the mode most suitable for the Touchscreen devices. You can try if you like it.

How to put space, special symbols & fullstop (Purnaviram)?
A space is easy, its at the bottom row in the middle.
If you put two spaces in quick succession - that is a shortcut for writing Purna Viram.
All other symbols that you could use are accessible from the Symbols and Numbers menus of your phone.

For Android Phones

What is an IME?
An IME stands for Input Method Editor, that allows you to write your text any where inside your phone. either its SMS, messages, chats, blogs, email, social networking, post comments, post status on facebook, twitter, save reminders etc.
Their installation is a little different and they are not launched like an application. After install they get default listed in your phone with other IMEs and can be accessed at any time.

How to download PaniniKeypad android IME from PaniniKeypad website?
To download PaniniKeypad IME from PaniniKeypad website is quite easy. just open the link : and
Goto-> Downloads->For Android phones. download page will be open.
Now there are two ways to download:
Download to PC:
Select your language and click on this link. A form will open, fill your basic details(Details for future references & kept private) and click on download button. As you click, it will ask you to save a APK file to your computer. save that APK file to your computer.Then transfer the APK file to your phone by using data/usb cable.
Download to Mobile:
You can directly download the PaniniKeypad IME to your phone. Select your language and click on this link. Enter your 10 digit mobile no. and click on send sms button. A download link will be directly sent to your phone. Click that link into your phone browser and download PaniniKeypad android IME directly to your phone.

Is that PaniniKeypad android IME available on different app stores like Google Play, Samsung app store etc. ?
Yes PaniniKeypad IME is also available on various app store. It could be Google Play (Android Market) or Samsung App store, Getjar, Appia, Mobango, Zedge etc.

How to install & launch the IME?
All the PaniniKeypad for Android for all languages are IMEs (Input Method Editors) not Applications.
Their installation is a little different and they are not launched like an application. After install they get default listed in your phone with other IMEs and can be accessed at any time.
1. Download & install PaniniKeypad IME
2. Go to Settings-> Locale & text-> Select PaniniKeypad IME (Check on)
3. Back to text input area either Message, email or memo long press that area Select Input method.
4. Select PaniniKeypad IME keypad will appear on screen.
5. Start typing in Indian language any where on phone.

I downloaded but can't access in my phone?
PaniniKeypad for Android is an IME not an application. so after download or install it doesn't create any icon on phone screen. After download PaniniKeypad IME you can find it in Download section of your phone.

Installed but not open in phone?
As PaniniKeypad for android phones is an IME, it doesn't create an icon after installation. After installation you can find it in settings. follow these steps:
1. Download & install PaniniKeypad IME
2. Go to Settings-> Locale & text-> Select PaniniKeypad IME (Check on)
3. Back to text input area either Message, email or memo long press that area Select Input method.
4. Select PaniniKeypad IME keypad will appear on screen.
5. Start typing in Indian language any where on phone.
6. The latest version of Panini Keypad IMEs support English in Qwerty as well as one Indian language, so you dont have to change the IME at all. You can write using it all the time.

For how many languages this PaniniKeypad android IME are available?
PaniniKeypad for Android phones is an IME. PaniniKeypad IME have been developed separately for 9 Indian languages. like Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam & Punjabi. This also allows one to type in English in between the Indian language.

Is the IME for all Indian languages or they are separate products?
No, PaniniKeypad IME for android phones are separate products for each Indian languages. But it also facilitate users to input English in between the regional languages.

When I am typing something its showing SQUARE/BLANK boxes?
When you are typing something in Indian languages and you are getting SQUARE/BLANK boxes, it shows that respective Indian language font is not present on your phone. To display the characters properly unicode fonts must present on your phone. To know about supported languages on your phone you can visit the PaniniKeypad compatible phone list page.

How can I check if fonts are present in my phone/handset?
PaniniKeypad offers a free service, to check that how many Indian languages fonts present on your phone. For that you can Goto support->Fonts on phone. or you can find in How to type section.
Put your mobile no. on which you want to check fonts and click on send sms. one sms goes from our server to your mobile that shows a character of each language with their name. If characters are displaying on your screen, it means fonts are available, if it shows SQUARE/BLANK boxes it indicates that fonts are not present on your phone.

Why its showing broken characters or matras are overlapping while typing?
This also an important issue while typing in Indian languages sometimes characters are overlapped or broken. This occurs due to poor font rendering in the phones. Only handset manufacturers can fix this for their phones.

My phone doesn't support Indian languages. how can I add support of languages?
Putting fonts in phones are not same as to install fonts on PC. Phones have different types of operating systems which are closed. Its difficult to put fonts in Java phones, but in android phones user can enable Indian language fonts by the method called as Rooting.
*Rooting the android phones will void the Device warranty.

How can I put fonts in Android phone?
Putting fonts in Android phones is not easy. But through the Rooting process, one can install fonts on phone. There are enough articles & video's available on internet to explore the knowledge about how to root the Android phones. some of PaniniKeypad users did the rooting on their phones and share their experience with us.

In my device Google Play (Android Market) says, your device is not compatible with this item (PaniniKeypad)?
Due to some technical issue in Google Play sometimes, PaniniKeypad doesn't come in searches. This can happen with some android phone models. If you are unable to download from Google Play, you can directly download the PaniniKeypad IME from PaniniKeypad website itself by follow the link below:
By clicking on "Download to Mobile" button, you can directly send the download link to your phone.

I want Unicode fonts for my phone. where i can download it?
You can download the free unicode .ttf fonts for Hindi, Bengali/Bangla, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam and Punjabi from PaniniKeypad website. follow the link below:

Can I type in English in same keyboard?
Yes,one can type in English in between Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam or Punjabi by using PaniniKeypad IME. one can switch between English and Indian languages by pressing ABC button.

The cursor position is not showing properly, when i type?
This is caused by the font rendering not implemented correctly by a phone manufacturer. Unfortunately, we have seen this problem in the case of major manufacturers. We hope they will fix that problem soon. Please bear with it till it is fixed by them, it is still usable. Its a simple thing about unequal character widths of Indian characters when they form conjuncts etc.

How many lists are there in PaniniKeypad IME?
Indian languages have about 70 characters each. So the number of lists, at 11 characters a list is about 5, 6, or 7 depending on the language. The free space in any last list is usually filled with some useful symbols.

What is the difference between an IME and app/software?
An IME is an Input Method Editor. It is always listed amongst the installed IMEs of the phone that you can access at any time to change the language you are typing in. An application is hence quite different. The important thing to note is that an IME is installed and used differently from an Application and you must learn how to install it which is explained on this website.

How to use the IME for all functions of the phone?
An IME when chosen by the user through selecting it while in a text box is already made default for writing for all functions on the phone. For example you can write address book, sms, email, facebook, anything.
The New Panini Keypad IMEs for Android also support English so there is really no reason for you to change your IME at all. You can write with this IME in regional languages or English as you prefer whenever you want to.

How to type in different languages ?
Each of the IMEs of Panini Keypad for Indian languages are different pieces of software. You can download them and install multiple IMEs on your phone and use one when you prefer. For example, you may know both Bangla and Telugu and hence can install both the IMEs and use them as you need.

How to put space, special symbols & fullstop (Purnaviram)?
A space is easy, its at the bottom row in the middle.
If you put two spaces in quick succession - that is a shortcut for writing Purna Viram.
All other symbols that you could use are accessible from the Symbols and Numbers menus of your phone.

How to type Jodakshar in Marathi or Yuktakshars in Hindi?
All such jodakshars, yuktakshars, jukto okkhor, kuttaksharam, vothulu, ottakshara as they are called in different languages are exactly the same thing and the rules for writing them are identical as per Unicode rules. It is also the correct way that the standard has been developed.
Just put a halant in the middle between two consonants and a Jodakshar will form. A Yuktakshar is always between two consonants (Vyanjan Varna).
Many examples of such are provided in the User guide and elsewhere on this website. The problem is most people have not learnt formally and well about their languages but they will gradually learn and understand how this works. The Panini Keypad will assist you while you are trying to form these words by suggesting you the right characters.

What is rooting in mobile phones?
Rooting is about working with the internals of your phone.
Should be attempted only by someone who is very good with this sort of things. We dont recommend it.
However, when the font of a language is not provided by a manufacturer, users have been forced to root the device and install the Indian language font on the device by themselves. This has worked for a lot of people.
Some people have written about their experiences and we are asked everyday about what fonts to put and how to root, so we have offered some information on the subject on the website.

Can't find app after download/installation?
Panini keyboard is an IME for android mobile phones. It's different from an app or software. After download this doesn't create any icon on your phone screen. But you can find in inside downloads section of your phone.
you can directly install Panini Keyboard from there then do some settings to launch it.
1. Download & install PaniniKeypad IME
2. Go to Settings-> Locale & text-> Select PaniniKeypad IME (Check on)
3. Back to text input area either Message, email, memo or search engine, long press that area Select Input method.
4. Select PaniniKeypad IME keyboard will appear on screen.
5. Start typing in Indian language anywhere on phone.

After follow the above procedure, you can easily launch Panini Keyboard and experience the fast & easy Indian regional language typing on phone.

Unable to launch after installation?
Please refer the above answer of your question.

Unable to download on android tablet?
Download the latest version of Panini Keypad IME from Panini Keypad website or app store like Google Play, Samsung apps or Getjar etc. In each case after download it goes to your downloads section of your phone.
You can find PaniniKeypad IME in the list and you can directly install it. After installation follow the steps to launch PaniniKeypad IME in tablets.

1. Download & install PaniniKeypad IME
2. Go to Settings-> Locale & text-> Select PaniniKeypad IME (Check on)
3. Back to text compose area either Message, email, memo or search engine. click the keypad icon on the bottom of taskbar. Then select Input method.
4. Select PaniniKeypad IME keyboard will appear on screen.
5. Start typing in Indian language anywhere on phone.
Experience the world's first ergonomics keyboard for typing.

Panini Keypad