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How to Register PaniniKeypad.

After your evaluation version expires, you need to register your Panini Keypad to make it a non-expiring full version.

For registration you need to buy a license key from Panini Keypad website. This license key costs Rs. 149.00 and is applicable for life time.

In future if your registered PaniniKeypad version is deleted, then you can free download Panini Keypad from its website: and use the same license key to register your Panini Keypad.

for more queries you can visit the support section of Panini Keypad or post your queries in forum and contact to

Steps to Register :

You can register your Panini Keypad after sending 3 SMS. At the time of sending 3rd SMS, software will ask your mobile no. and email id. (Enter these information correctly, this information just for our record purposes).

There are few easy steps to register Panini Keypad.

Open PaniniKeypad application.
Goto Registration -> Open Enter Challenge no.->
1. Enter your Mobile no.(comes automatically after sending 3rd SMS.)
2. Enter Challenge No. (You will get it from license key)
3. Enter your Name. (optional)
4. Age & Sex (optional)

After filling these details correctly, now click on Register button. Clicking on register button, one SMS goes to our server. With in few minutes one Reply SMS comes to your phone from our server.

This Reply SMS contains your Mobile no., Challenge no. and Reply No.

Again Open Panini Keypad
Go to Registration -> Open Enter Reply no.
Enter Reply no. (You will get it from Reply SMS) and click on Ok button.

Your Panini Keypad registration complete.
Now you can use PaniniKeypad for life time.
Experience the fast & easy typing with Panini Keypad.