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Advantages to user

1. Much faster typing in terms of speed.
2. Smallest number of key taps or keypad interactions. Almost the same number as number of characters one writes. Very little overhead.
3. Single keypress typing, no multitap. Seniors can use.
4. Seamless experience across dictionary and non dictionary words. No mode changes required.
5. Ergonomic to thumb. Pleasure to write long sentences, no blackberry thumb.
6. Easy to learn, operate for all age groups and educational profiles because only two simple rules.
7. Characters on phone keypads are normally tiny; many need glasses to read them. CleverTexting characters are on the screen and large to read.
8. Can operate in darkness (no back lit keypad required)
9. Same usability for all devices. PC, web, IPTV
10.Improves spelling habits. People will write full words due to the convenience.
11.The game like interaction with the phone is engaging and grows addictive as one improves speed.
12.The constant hand eye coordination is good for the development of the brain, to stay alert.

Advantages to the manufacturer

1. No need of printing different language characters on keypad, same phone supports all languages. Printed characters on cheap phones also get worn out and become unreadable.
2. The ability to support a very large number of languages because support through CleverTexting for micro languages is feasible, can be delivered on schedule and cost effectively. The development is automated. And not a rule based approach. No likelihood of errors, bugs.
3. The isolation between algorithm and data. Same algo different data for a different language. The data could also be downloaded to the phone on demand or included by manufacturer based on geography. Or only included into a SIM by a telecom operator. Can be hot upgraded with newer versions.
4. The algorithm is lightweight.
5. Same usability for all languages, nothing to teach1market in terms of usability. Learn once, use everywhere.
6. Same usability applicable for touch screen phones, nothing to teach